Skoda Fabia

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    Mileage limit:


    • The share of equity in loss: 1000 PLN
    Important Info
    When making payment for the booking with E-Service or PayPal, the customer is required to fill in the appropriate form by entering their credit card details (card number, expiry date and CVV code) and giving the card to the VAN FLEET employee at the pick up of the booked car. Download Form
    A credit card is REQUIRED to complete the rental process.
    No mileage limit for short-term rentals only
    Price of share of equity in loss for each car excludes VAT
    Relocation Cost - When a car is returned to VAN FLEET other than issued, the customer bears the additional cost associated with the relocation of the car calculated individually.
    Pick-up of the car in the city is additionally paid: from 80 PLN / BRUTTO
    Pick-up of the car outside the city is additionally paid: from 150 PLN / BRUTTO

    Price: 99PLN / day